Daniel, 2Esdras, America in prophecy (The Great Head)

                                          and twelve wings  (2 Esdras 11)

"There came up from the sea an eagle with twelve feathered wings and three heads...and there grew opposing wings (8) but they became little, puny wings.  The Eagle's heads were at rest; the middle head was larger than the other heads but it also was at rest with them...All things under heaven were subjected to the eagle and no one spoke against him, not even one creature that was on the earth.  And behold the eagle rose upon his talons, and uttered a cry to his wings, saying, "Do not all watch at the same time, let each sleep in his own place, and watch in his turn; but let the heads be reserved for the last.  And the voice did not come from his heads but from the midst of his body. 

"...And I looked and nothing remained on the eagle's body except the three heads that were at rest and six little wings. And I looked and behold, these little wings planned to set themselves up and hold the rule.  And one was set up but suddenly disappeared; a second also, and this disappeared more quickly than the first.  Then the two that remained were planning between themselves to reign together; and while they were planning, behold one of the heads that were at rest (the one which was in the middle) awoke; for it was greater than the other two heads.  And I saw how it allied the two heads with itself, and behold the head turned with those that were with it, and it devoured the two little wings which were planning to reign.  Moreover this HEAD gained control of the whole earth, and with much oppression dominated its inhabitants; and it had greater power over the world than all the wings that had gone before.

"After this I looked, and behold, the middle head also suddenly disappeared, just as the wings had done.  But the two heads remained, which also ruled over the earth and its inhabitants.  And the head on the right devoured the onE on the left. 

"AND A CREATURE LIKE A LION WAS AROUSED, ROARING and  he uttered a man's voice to the Eagle, "The Most High says to you, Are you not the one that remains of the four beasts which I had made to reign in My world, so that the end of My times might come through them?  You have held sway over the world with much terror and grievous oppression.  You have judged the earth, but not with truth.  And so your insolence and pride has come up before the Mighty One.  And the Most High has looked upon His times, and behold, they are ended, and His ages are completed.  Therefore you will surely disappear, you eagle, and your terrifying wings, and your most evil little wings, and our malicious heads and your whole worthless body, so that the whole earth, freed from your violence, may be refreshed and relieved, and may hope for the judgment and mercy of Him who made it.

"While the lion was saying these words to the eagle, I looked, and behold the remaining head disappeared and the two little wings that had gone over to it arose and set themselves up to reign and their reign was brief and full of tumult.  And behold, they also disappeared and the whole body of the eagle was burned, and the earth was exceedingly terrified. 

"THIS IS THE INTERPRETATION:  The eagle which you saw coming up from the sea is the fourth Kingdom of your brother Daniel, but it was not explained to him as I now explain.  This kingdom shall be more terrifying than all the kingdoms that have been before it. As for your hearing a voice that spoke, not from the eagle's heads but from the midst of his body:  In the midst of the time of that kingdom great struggles shall arise, and it shall be in danger of falling; nevertheless it shall not fall then but shall regain its former power.  THE THREE HEADS:  It is they who will sum up the eagle's wickedness and perform his last actions.  One of the kings shall die in his bed, but in agonies.  As for the two who remained, the sword shall devour them, for the sword of one shall devour him who was with him but he also shall fall by the sword in the last days.  The two little wings passing over to the head on the right, it is these whom the Most High has kept for the Eagle's end.  Their reign shall be brief and full of tumult

"AS FOR THE LION: This is the Messiah whom the Most High has kept until the End of Days who will arise from the posterity of David and will come and speak to them.  First, he will set them living before his judgment seat (offering repentance), and when he has reproved them then he will destroy them.  But He will deliver in mercy the remnant of my people, those who have been saved throughout my borders.  And He will make them joyful until the end comes, the day of judgment."  (2 Esdras 11)

 "And at that time shall thy people be saved, everyone that shall be found written in the book... BUT SEAL THE BOOK UNTIL THE "APPOINTED TIME" (Daniel 12:1,4).

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