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The Rapture, Valley of Josephat,
Armagedon And The
 New Jerusalem

THE RAPTURE IS ALSO A MIS-NOEMER because: The "appointed time" or the "end time", which is relative to the "Day of the Lord" is not the end of the world but the end of Satan's reign, the end of the era of evil wherein Christ shall return at the Right Hand (power) of God to save His people from utter annihilation that the world is running to.  Following this Divine Intervention of God, a new era shall begin:  A New Earth where justice and peace reign.  "Christ must reign until He brings all things under His Feet...and the last of these is death".  St Paul says that we who are left at the final end of the world will be taken up alive into heaven (the real rapture) because wickedness shall have long vanished from the earth.  Death, which is a punishment for sin, is overcome:  "There shall be no more dying" (Apoc. 21:4).

Symbolism of cross-reference plays a great part in the interpretation of Scripture:  Interpretation is not a guess.  The "Valley of Josephat" is a symbolism of the Day of the Lord where Christ will do a like work at His Second Coming.

valley of josephat:  "I will bring all nations into the valley of Josephat and there I will plead for MY PEOPLE and my INHERITANCE, Israel."   There is only one Valley connected with Josephat in Scripture, it is 2 Chronicles 20.  All the nations gather against God's people and Josepha with his tiny army does not know what to do.  But he gives himself up to prayer and fasting and a prophet rises up and assures him that the work is not his but God's.  So Josephat  takes courage and with his tiny army goes out to meet the foe. In the meantime the Ammonites begin fighting with the Moabites and the Moabites begin fighting with the inhabitants of Mt Seir. When Josephat arrives at the top of the mountain, he looks down and sees all the slain before him. He goes down and takes their spoils.  And he calls it "The Valley of Blessing".

GOD HAS A LIKE WORK IN THE LATTER DAYS: "Not with an army or by might but by My Spirit, says the Lord" (Zacharias 4:6); "you shall return and see the difference between the just and the unjust, between him who serves the Lord and him who serves him not...when they shall be ashes under your feet, it shall not leave them root nor branch...


IN THE DAY WHEN 'I DO' SAYS THE LORD " (Malachias 3:18-4:6) God is warning all the world that nations are on the verge of destroying themselves. The remedy is change of heart and a return to the Lord "who alone has power to save" and will do so. God warns but does not force.; He calls but has given us free will. But how do I know for sure? I would hate to find out too late! The worse thing is for evil to have no end. God's word is never "woe!" except to those who refuse it. By God's love and faithfulness, there is a sure remedy: "I made the smith who brings forth his instrument to destroy. And I made the substance from which he forms his instruments to destroy. No weapon that is formed against you will prosper...This is the inheritance of the servants of the Lord and my faithfulness, says the Lord" (Isaias 54)  Another symbolism of the Day of the Lord is, "as in the day of Median" = Judges 7  


 "I beheld till thrones were placed and the Ancient of days sat... and the books were opened (Dan.7:9; Apoc.20:12) and judgment was given.  And I beheld because of the great words which that horn spoke: and I saw that the beast was slain, and the body thereof was destroyed, and given to the fire to be burnt.  And lo, One like the Son of Man came with the clouds of heaven, and He came even to the Ancient of days....And He gave Him power, and glory, and a kingdom...His power is an everlasting power that shall not be taken away (Dan. 7:9-14)

ARMAGEDON: "And I saw from the mouth of the dragon, and the mouth of the beast and the mouth of the false prophet, three unclean spirits... the spirits of devils working signs, and they go forth to the kings of the whole earth, to gather them to battle against the great day of the Almighty God.  And He shall gather them together into a place which in Hebrew is called ARMAGEDON (see Zach. 12:11 - murder of the Lord's witness shall bring on the great conflagration)....And  there was a great earthquake, such as one as never had been since men were upon the earth, such an earthquake, so great. And the great city was divided into three parts; and the cities of the Gentiles (ungodly) fell. " (Apoc. 16:16-19)

"AWAKE, O SWORD, AGAINST MY SHEPHERD and against the man, my companion (Zach.4; 7:7; Apoc. 11). And there shall be in all the earth, says the Lord, two parts in it shall perish: but the third part shall be left.  And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined: and I will try them as gold is tried.  They shall call on My Name, and I will hear them.  I will say:  You are My people: and they shall say:  The Lord is my God"

The world shall be divided into three camps (Zach.13:8-9):  One camp shall be protected by the  Lord's Covenant, and  the other two camps comprising all who refuse His Covenant and kill the prophets sent to save them. 

Thus, ARMAGADON is a catastrophy, not a place:  "In that day there shall be a great lamentation in Jerusalem, like the lamentation of Adadremmon in the plain of ARMAGEDON" (Zach. 12:11 -- Symbolic for the weeping that happened when good King Josias was slain. 

The assassination of the Prophets whom God sent to save the world,  will bring on the world catastrophe, Atomic War and more:   "If anyone shall hurt them, fire shall come out of their mouths (prophecy) and devour their enemies".  The three days of darkness is part of God's Mercy to save His people.  No one can use any weapons when there is no light, etc.  St Padre Pio says that after this, there begins a new springtime for the earth will be purified morally and physically. 

By God's Great Mercy, repentance can reverse the greatest impending disasters.  Remember Jonah.  Also, God desires "not the death of the sinner but rather that he be converted and live"


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