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         THE APOCALYPSE   
(Prologue:  Blog 1)

Clouds of Heaven1.jpg"I was in Spirit on the DAY OF THE LORD and I heard behind me (past) a great voice, as of a trumpet saying, 'What thou seest write in a Book...and I turned to see the voice that spoke to me and being turned (future), I saw...

[I am using the Douay-Rheims translation because it is the most literal, which is necessary for prophecy.  I will not make use of the Book of Enoch or other doubtful Apocrapha].  Christ most often used symbolism in his teachings to the multitude, so also does Scripture which is the word of God, make tremendous use.  In fact, such is the key to much of the ‘code’ or interpretation and cross-references of the Bible. 'Observe the prophecy concerning Elijah: ”Elijah shall indeed come but I tell you, Elijah has already come”.  Our Lord quotes Malachias’ and applies it to John the Baptist. Yet He affirms us, His Second Coming is proceeded by a like-prophet.

I was intrigued by the symbolism of
The Valley of Josephat: “ I will lead all nations into the Valley of Josephat and there I will plead for my people and My inheritance, Israel.  Nations, nations in the Valley of Destruction, turn your plowshares  into swords…and come up against my people...but I will take their part” (free translation).  There is only one battle connected with Josephat in Scriptures,  2Chronicles 20:   All the nations surrounding Jerusalem have come together forming a huge army against King Josephat.  The King with his small defense does not know what to do.  So he calls upon his people to fast and pray.  A prophet rises-up proclaiming, “Do not fear, the battle is not yours but God’s”.  So, Josephat taking courage, with his tiny army goes out to meet the vast foe singing Psalms and Hymns.  In the meantime, the enemy begins to fight with one another.  When Josephat arrives at the top of the hill, he sees all the slain before him.  Going down, he takes the spoils and calls it “The Valley of Blessing”.  This is a symbol of the ‘Day of the Lord’, which is another Exodus. The ‘Day of the Lord’  is a Divine Intervention of God to save His people in fidelity to His Everlasting Covenant. This begins the full reign of Christ upon earth in his people.  Evil is self-destructive:  Mankind today is rushing to his ruin but God does not will the impending Atomic War that shall come.  Christ is calling everyone to come back to Him (the message to St. Faustina) for Christ yearns to save, to forgive and grant mercy, but He does not force us.  We have a choice for the Flood ('fire') is coming:  Do not miss the boat (ark)!  There is a cutting-off !

The Apocalypse affirms, “Do not let anything happen until we seal the servants of the Lord on their forehead”.  These are the great multitudes “standing on the sea of glass and singing the song of Moses and the Lamb.”...The streets of Jerusalem are lined with gold, as glass’.  The "Day of the Lord"  is another EXODUS.

The Book of the Apocalypse is the fulfillment of all the Books of Scripture. “Gog and Magog” of Apoc. 20:7=Ezech 38:3: “You are he whom all the prophets have spoken of".  In the Apocalypse there is the primeval battle between St. Michael and the fallen Angels brought to conclusion in these ‘end times’ with the fulfillment of the promises of Genesis..  Ezechiel speaks to us in the ‘eating of the Book’; also the marking of ‘T’ on the foreheads of God’s people: “Hurt not the earth, nor the seas, nor the trees till we sign the servants of the Lord on their foreheads“ (Apoc.7:3).  There is the measuring of Jerusalem until the temple becomes the whole world “and the “Name of the city from that day forward, is ‘the Lord is there (Ezech, 48:35).  And “Living waters flow from the Sanctuary” to cleanse the whole earth.  Both in Apocalypse and  Zacharias there is the opening of the Seals with the identification of the Two Witnesses in Zacharias:“Awake O sword against My shepherd”; and the division of the world into ‘three parts’.  Zach.13: 8-9 = Apoc 16:19: "There was a great earthquake and the Great City (world) was divided into three parts”.  Daniel is present in the ten horned beast of the Apocalypse with ‘time, times and half a time’ being the length of this final struggle.  Isaias 6:19 = Apocalypse 11:13: “The tenth part of the city fell (one of the 10 horns) and the rest were cast into fear and gave glory to God.  And there were slain in that earthquake names of men, 7,000 (the blood of the martyrs is filled up and calls upon God to act in their behalf.

The letters to the Seven Churches are not symbolic of the Roman Empire for Rome was the West.  These Churches represent the ‘East’ with #7 however signifying completeness, the whole world.  And the seven angels are God’s prophets the world over.

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