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                   APOCALYPSE (BLOG 2)

TEN HORNED BEAST: It has often been thought that the Beast in the Apocalypse was the Roman Empire. In reality, the Apocalypse Beast is the fourth Beast in Daniel, the kingdom of anti-Christ who is overcome by "One coming in the clouds of heaven…whose power is an everlasting power". The terrible head of this last beast shall "bring down three heads" to make room for itself. "He shall speak words against the High One and shall crush the saints of the Most High. And he shall think himself to change times and laws and they shall be delivered into his hands for a time, time and half a time. And judgment shall sit that his power may be broken to pieces and perish even to the end. That the kingdom, and power and greatness of the kingdom under the whole heaven may be given to the people of the saints of the Most High whose Kingdom is an everlasting Kingdom, and all kings shall serve Him and obey Him. Herein is the end of the word."

"Ten Horns" or ten Nations of the Beast has a universal Biblical symbolism. When The New Testament speaks of the twelve tribes of Israel, it is speaking of God ‘s chosen people universally. All peoples, converted, are become His Covenant people. When only ten nations are singled out they are the dispersed tribes, become the whole world. Of Ephraim, Jacob prophesied, "Nations will come forth from him" (Genesis 48:19). Ephraim of prophecy becomes the head of nations of the world, perhaps both by symbolism and also reality, Jeremiah 31:6; see also the conversion of one of the ten nations of the universal Beast, Apoc. 11:13, Isaias 6:13.

LETTERS TO THE SEVEN CHURCHES: The Letters to the Churches are not to the Western Empire (Rome) but rather the Eastern Churches. The number seven always signifies completeness , in other words the Churches are those of the whole world under symbolic names. The Churches are also the candlesticks on the seven branch candelabra (Zacharias 4) standing before the Lord of all the earth. The Stars are the "lights" on the candlesticks, "eyes" or prophets of the Lord sent to the whole world to warn and pour out God’s judgments. These are they who ‘overcome’, become Messengers/Angels of the Lord. Four of these wear crowns (Zacharias 6:12-13 - names are symbolic). Identified again in Zacharias 2: "What are the two olive branches?...The two anointed of the Lord [king & high priest]". Thus the "two olive trees" are the spiritual and secular trees, the king and the high priest working together to build up a whole new world order: "I will take away the iniquity of that land in one day" (Zach.3:9). The ‘seventh’ church/warning/judgment always refers to the ‘throne’. A chosen ‘king/leader’ working together with a spiritual leader, corresponds with many ancient prophesies.

CHAPTER 4 is a vision of the whole Apocalypse in a nut-shell as one would say. The Day of the Lord is the beginning of Christ’s Reign in its fullness with the total self destruction of evil. Christ must reign until He puts all things under His Feet. The Foundation Stones of the Wall of the New Jerusalem are codes. Jasper is the first foundation stone and the vision is that of the letter to the First Angel/Church: Eden/Paradise is restored to mankind as God’s people are bidden to eat freely of the Tree of Life.

The Sardine stone is the letter to the sixth Angel/Church and foretells of the trials ultimate victory promised. The Church in the person of the Pope will be forced to flee. While Our Holy Father is still alive they will put an anti-Pope upon the throne of Peter. But God will give the true Pope an ‘open door’ which no one will be able to close. Ultimately God’s Church will be purified as the New Jerusalem come down from heaven having the glory of God. Never again shall enemies triumph or uproot it.

The Emerald is the fourth Angel/Church and foretells its struggles and triumphs. It contains the conversion of a strong Nation, one of the ten horns, as prophesied in Apoc. 11:13. And its message, "Not with an army, nor by might but by My Spirit, says the Lord (Zach. 4:6)... He that shall overcome, I will give him power over the nations and he shall rule them with a rod of iron…as I have received of My Father…and I will give him the morning star" (the great Dawn; relative to the rainbow).

THE TWENTY FOUR ELDER with ‘crowns of gold’: The ideal Government was set up for the Jewish people: God was their King. But each of the twelve tribes chose two leaders to represent themselves. The twenty-four elders are earthly leaders casting their crowns before the Lord.

THE SEVEN LAMPS burning before the throne represent Christ’s Church with the seven angels/eyes/prophets sent out to the whole world in mercy and in warning.

SEA OF GLASS LIKE TO CRYSTAL is Jerusalem, "pure gold like to clear glass". In Apocalypse 15:2-3 those who ‘overcome’ are "standing on the sea of glass, singing the song of Moses and the Lamb": Those who overcome are brought dry-shod out of Egypt. The Day of the Lord is another Exodus for the People of God, a Divine Intervention while the wicked perish from self-destruction.

THE FOUR LIVING CREATURES is cross-referenced to Ezechiel and Zacharias.

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