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SEALED BOOK:  Christ said, “I speak in parable that they may not understand”  and Daniel says, “The Books are sealed until the appointed time”.  No one can open the seals of this BOOK except the Lord and it is destined to be opened when the time is right.  But the Lamb that was slain (Jesus Christ) has seven horns and seven eyes which are the ”Seven spirits of the Lord sent out to all the earth”.  In Zacharias, these  ‘eyes’/angels/candlesticks are His prophets/messengers, the two witnesses being two of these seven  (Apoc.11:4).  The Four Living Creatures (four of the seven) and are called Cherubim in Ezechiel, identifying them as protectors of the ‘tree of life’ in Eden.  In Ezechiel they take up their position next to the wheels of the Chariot of Israel.  When the Lamb opens the first four seals, which is the vision of the four horses that go forth to the whole word, it is the It is the four living creatures that call, “Come and See!”

OPENNING THE SEALS:  The White Horse went forth conquering that he might conquer:  “Not with an army, nor by might but by My Spirit, says the Lord” (Zach. 4:6).  The world is rushing to its ruin and God does not will this.  He warns us, but He does not force us.  Christ does not come and conquer by force to subdue all His enemies, but rather in mercy He seeks out the lost sheep in faithfulness to His Eternal Covenant.  This is first and foremost, the Day of the Lord!

The Second Horse is every man’s sword against his neighbor:  This is a warning to what is coming upon the world.  But prophecy is not meant to scare us but to warn us.  If we turn back to the Lord and beg for His Mercy, this horse can be alleviated from our land.

The Third Horse is the black horse which is famine.  Our Lady of LaSalette told the shepherd children in 1846 or thereabouts, “The seasons of the earth will change and produce only bad fruit.  You may plan the wheat but it will only become worm-eaten.  But these things will happen only if we continue to offend the Lord.  If we turn back to Him, even the rocks will bring forth fruit.”

The Fourth Horse is Death and Hell followed.  No matter where we are, this sword will overtake the wicked for evil is self destructive.  This the end of an era,  all nature will rebel against the world’s tremendous evil.   

The  Fifth Seal is the Blood of the Martyrs that call out to the Lord for vengeance.  But the Lord is allowing evil to come to its heights that it may destroy itself for God will not permit wickedness to triumph in the world and thus overcome His people.  The Day of the Lord is the day of Christ’s Divine Intervention to save His people,  “at the Right Hand of the Power of God…coming in the clouds of heaven”.                                                                                                                                               


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