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Another View of

                 APOCALYPSE  Blog 4

“AND THE GREAT CITY WAS DIVIDED INTO THREE PARTS and the cities of the Gentiles fell.” (Apoc. 16:19). The Great City, the world, will be divided into three camps, not necessarily equal parts. If 95% of the world is converted, 95% will be saved. If but 5% of the world is converted, only 5 % will be saved. Evil is self destructive by nature. Once sin entered into the world, it was necessary that death should follow for the worst thing in the world is for evil to have no end. It would soon dominate the whole earth. God never wills destruction but he gives us a choice. There is a consequence to our actions. But prophecy is never given as a curse but a call to amend. It is always dependent upon our choice: “ Choose life or death” (Deut.30:19).

“There shall be in all the earth, says the Lord, two parts in it shall be scattered, and shall perish: But the third part shall be left therein. And I will bring the third part through the fire, and will refine them as silver is refined: and I shall try them as gold is tried. They shall call upon My Name, and I will hear them. I will say, thou art My people: and they shall say: The Lord is my God” (Zacharias 13: 8-9)

One part is under the Lord’s Everlasting Covenant and shall be protected by Him, whether it be 5% or 95%. The other two will destroy each other: “If Satan is divided against Satan, his kingdom cannot stand but has an end. (Luke 11:18)That is their choice.

2 ESDRAS 11-12: “The eagle which you saw coming up from the sea is the forth kingdom which appeared in a vision to your brother Daniel…Behold the days are coming when a kingdom shall arise on earth, and it shall be more terrifying than all the kingdoms that have been before it…In its last days the Most High will raise up three kingsIt is they who shall sum up his wickedness and perform his last actions…And behold, one of the heads that was at rest (the one which was in the middle) awoke, for it was greater than the other two heads. And I saw how it allied the other two heads with itself. And behold the head turned with those who were with it and it devoured the two little wings which were planning to reign. Moreover, this head gained control of the whole earth and with much oppression dominated its inhabitants and it had greater power over the world than all the wings that had gone before…And behold the middle head also suddenly disappeared, just as the wings had done. But the two heads remained, which also ruled over the earth and its inhabitants. And behold, the head on the right side devoured the one on the left. And I looked and behold a creature like a Lion was aroused out of the forest, roaring: You the fourth Beast have conquered all the Beasts that have gone before and you have held sway over the world with much terror, with grievous oppression for so long as you have dwelt on the earth with deceit…your insolence has come up before the Most High. And the Most High has looked upon His times and they are ended and His ages are completed. Therefore you shall surely disappear…so that the whole earth freed from your violence, may be refreshed and relieved, and may hope for the judgment and mercy of Him who made it…And behold the remaining head disappeared and the whole body of the Eagle was burned, and the earth was exceedingly terrified.


EARTH, SEA AND RIVERS of the first four trumpets: The earth is symbolic of the East, the sea symbolic of the West and the Rivers symbolic of the Mid-East.

EARTH: “The first angel sounded the trumpet, and there followed hail
and fire, mingled with blood and it was cast on the earth:

     1. A third of the earth was burnt up;

     2. A third part of the trees was burnt up;
All green grass was burnt up.

SEA: The second angel sounded the trumpet:

              1. A great mountain, burning with fire, was cast into the sea;
              2. A third part of those creatures died which had life in the sea;
              3. A third part of the ships were destroyed.

RIVERS: The third angel sounded the trumpet:

            1. A great star fell from heaven burning as it were a torch, it fell upon a third part of the rivers
            2. And upon the fountains of waters;
            3. A third part of the waters became wormwood and many men died of the waters because
                they were very bitter.

Each of these territories are divided into thirds. The symbolism is that the division of the world into three parts is not territorial, no matter where you are the plagues will come upon you. The division is between the seed of the woman and the seed of the beast, between God’s children and Satan’s children. And God remembers His Everlasting Covenant.

THE FOURTH ANGEL sounded the trumpet:
           1. A third part of the sun was smitten;
           2. And the third part of the moon;
           3. And the third part of the stars
So that a third part of them was darkness and the sun did not shine for a third part of it and the night in like manner”: 

BUT WAIT, there is a yet a description of the fall of the first of the three nations of the Beast:

         “And there was seen another sign, a great red dragon having seven heads and ten horns
and his tail drew           a third of the stars of heaven and cast them to the earth” (Apoc. 12:2-3). ‘Tail’, according to Isaias 9:15:          “The prophet that teaches lies, he is the tail”

                                       End of Blog 4 (to be continued)




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