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Literal or Sealed? "In that day the vision of all shall be like a book that is sealed. it shall be given to one who is learned and he shall reply, ‘I cannot read for it is sealed’. Again it shall be given to one who cannot read. He shall answer, ‘I cannot, because I do not know letters’. In that day the deaf shall hear the words of The Book and the blind shall see…"
(Isaias 28)

A search for truth is a search for God for ‘God is Truth’"I came to give testimony to the truth...". As Scripture is God's Covenant
(Is.59:21) and not merely a book of human wisdom, then it does have within it all answers to Life.                                  

Modern studies into the origins of our world and of mankind have come upon what appears to be a major stumbling block in the BIBLE.  People either believe the Bible or they do not, or do not know how to read it, thus the road has become forked by controversy.   Evolution or Creation pits science against religion.  It is my firm belief that contradictions are apparent only, for we are often blinded by preconceived ideas.  Genesis is doctrinal truth written in allegory.  There are hidden mysteries not yet discovered for the book has been interpreted rather than translated.  Many things could not be understood a few centuries ago.  And thus the Lord’s word; "I speak in parables that hearing they may not understand" aptly applies.

This is My Covenant with you, says the Lord:  My Spirit that is within you and My Words which I have put in your mouth, shall not depart out of your mouth, nor out of the mouth of your children, nor out of the mouth of your children's children, says the Lord from this time forward and forever" 
(Isaias 59:21).

"Understand this first, that no prophecy of Scripture is made by private interpretation.  For prophecy came not by the will of man at any time:  But holy men spoke, inspired by the Holy Spirit". 
(For this reason in all I write, I submit myself entirely to the authority of the Holy Catholic Church, the 'Rock' with whom Christ promised to be with until the end of time; upon whom He left His Authority)

NOTE: Numbers given as references are taken from Strong's Concordance to the "Interlinear Bible: Hebrew, Greek & English": Root meanings of Hebrew words.


ALSO: What does the Bible say about Evolution?


(1) The 'Days' of Creation;
(2) The 'Day' of Earth's Creation
(3) The Curses;
(4) The Genealogies


The First Chapter of Genesis is, so to speak, a panoramic view of the whole of Creation: "The Creation of Heaven & Earth".  The original Hebrew has no Chapter divisions, the 'days’ of creation is inclusive of everything up to Chapter 2, vs 3
(Verse 4 begins a new subject).  

Each of the days of creation begin with a glimmer of previous creation and ends with morning, a new beginning: "Evening was, came to be, and morning came to be." No day of creation has ended: "My Father works till now and I work".

HEBREW: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  And the earth was adjured non-existent
(#422/8414). And darkness was over the great agitation (#8415).  And the Spirit of God moving gently (#7363) turned its face (#6440/6437) to join (intimacy-fellowship #4225/2266). And God said, 'Let there be light' (our sun, not yet created). And God saw the light that it was good.  And evening was, came to be, and morning came to be: The first day."    
"Second Day" (BIG BANG!)
HEBREW: "And God made a beaten-out
(#7549/7554) dividing/bi-section (#8432) the water (4325, singlar). Let it (#1961 emphatic) separate (#914) between (#996/995) water above and between water below....And God also said, 'Let the waters that are below be gathered together unto one place and let the dry land appear'."

"And God made a 'beaten-out': Some translate "firmament" (something solid); modern translations use 'dome'. The root word is passionately 'to pound/ beat-out' (Big Bang!) causing determinate division (our galaxy?). Translators figured that if you 'pound', you have to have something to pound ('like sheet metal' was the explanation of some Bible exegesis). Following this 'bang/ pounding' Scripture does not say: "And God saw that it was good" for this was a 'day' of DIVISION/ SEVERING of the water (singular) into 1) water above the severing and 2) water below the sevring.   Vs. 9 & vs.10 are an important inclusion in this 'second day' of earth's creation: "And God also said, 'Let the waters below be gathered together and let the dry land appear...And God saw that it was good".

1.3 "Third Day"
"And God said, ‘Let the EARTH BRING FORTH the green herbs that yields seed according to its kind and the trees...(Evolution's innate order)’.  And God saw that it was good.  And evening was, came to be; and morning came to be".

1.4 "Fourth Day"
"And God said, Let there be lights in the 'above’ (loft/sky) to distinguish between day and night.  Let them be for signs and seasons...to shine upon the earth...... AND EVENING WAS, CAME TO BE and MORNING CAME TO BE…THE FOURTH DAY".

1.5 "Fifth Day"
"And God said, ‘Let the WATERS swarm with creepers (lowest form of life) having life, according to its kind...and the great sea monsters & every winged fowl according to its kind’ "
(Evolution’s innate order)                           

1.6a "Sixth Day"
"And God said, ‘Let the EARTH BRING FORTH the creeping creepers in its kind  ("Creeping creatures" is considered the lowest form of life in Scripture: "I am a worm and no man"; "Upon your breast you shall crawl")...and the cattle’. And God saw that it was good. 

1.6b And God/Elohiyn ([plural noun] is used in Genesis until the creation of man; afterward Yahweh is added which means, "I Am; I Am-[with-you]") said, 'Let Us make man in Our Own Image and Likeness'. In the image of God, He created him, male and female He created them.  And He called their name Man=Adam."  Man is part of the sixth day: ‘Let the earth bring forth, but ‘In Our Own Image’ replaces 'according to it’s kind’.

1.6c THE DAY OF EARTH'S CREATION: That there are two creation stories is a mis-noemer.  Chapter 1 to 2:2-4: "The Creation of heaven and earth" is a synopsis of the whole of creation.  Chapter 2:5  "The Creation of "earth and heaven"  (inversion is intentional), zeros in on the sixth day of creation, the creation of man: "And the Lord God created a paradise of pleasure wherein He placed man whom He had formed...And God breathed into his nostrils the Breath of Life (His Own Breath/Spirit) and man became a Living being...

1.6d And God said, it is not good for man to be alone and God created all the animals of the field and the birds of the air and brought before Adam. Whatever name he gave them, that was their name.  God made these inferior (#5307).  For Adam there was not found a companion like to Himself."  (Gen,2:20)

1.6e "A long time elapsed, Yahweh made Adam an agitating worm/ maggot" . 'Agitation'  is the same root 'used in Genesis 1: "The Spirit moved over the great 'agitation'.  Man is part of this 'great agitation' (often translated ‘deep’ or ‘waters’). How to equate worm with 'sleep'?  A relative root is 'flat': How could anyone translate differently 2,000 years ago? Only the original Bible is unerring.

1.6f "From the 'spread-out' /out-growth (#7704) of a living thing (#2416), God took 'of body' (#6763 literally, 'curve/side of it') a 'strong offshoot' (#1127) and substituted (#8478) flesh (#1320).  And closed this opening" (#5462)

1.6g "taking (#3947) another  (#802) from the same form (#120) wrought in her (#935) into a woman (#805). The Man answered (#559), "This same is of my flesh (#1320), flesh (#1320); of my bone (#6106), bone (#6106):  She shall be called (#7121) 'another' = woman (#802 'spouse'). For this cause shall a man leave father and mother and cleave to his wife, for they are one flesh."


2.0 "The Book of the begetting of ADAM
2.1 "The Adam (‘man’, root=ground’) begot a son in his own image and called his name Seth ( 'another').  To Seth was born a son whom he named Enos (‘Man/Adam’, derivative not ‘earth’) This man began to call upon the Lord"

2.2 There are two Genealogies listed in Genesis, (1) SETH: the children of God and (2) CAIN: the children of the Beast:.  But in reality, these two genealogies are one.  (In Hebrew the names are practically identical.)  We are not born into enmity with God but become children of Beastly-Man only by our own free choice.  The Bible uses symbolism freely for the words are sealed (Isaias 29:11) until God desires all to be revealed.  Christ said,"I speak in parables so they will not understand; I have many things to tell you but you could not bear them now, but when the Spirit of Truth comes, He will reveal all Truth".  Christ is with us all days, His Spirit poured-out, not ended on Day of Pentecost.
2.3 Age of man's creation:  Genesis sometimes uses ‘The Adam’ (Man/Ground) and sometimes just Adam (man-in-general): The-Adam begot Seth and Seth begot Enos (Adam/Mortal).  From Enos/Adam the two Bible genealogies stem, not from Adam/Earth.  There could be thousands of years from the Adam/Earth to Adam/Enos) because Seth symbolically just means 'Another':  Thus there can be 'another, another, another. However, from Enos/Adam the Biblical Genealogies spring, thus he is the father of modern man.

Between the two genealogies of Adam/Seth and that of Cain there are two verses (Gen. 4:25-26) inserted it seems, for no other purpose than to affirm this pre-historic reality, otherwise it would be repetition: "Adam (Earth) begot Seth (another) …Seth begot Enos (Adam/Enoch). This man began to call upon the Lord".

2.4 See Genealogy below:


2.5 Cain vs Abel is evoked by Lamech before the flood: "Sevenfold vengeance shall be taken for Cain, but for Lamech, seventy times sevenfold"  (FLOOD:  The whole earth is thus corrupted with blood which activates BOTH the curse of Cain, also the Cherubim (Chariot of Israel in prophecy) who protect thIS 'Tree of Life', God’s LIKENESS IN man.

2.6 ENOS and HENOCH: Are these two MEN the same = The Father of modern MAN?

a) ENOS: "This man began to call upon the Lord" (Gen.4:26). As all Biblical Genealogies spring from Adam/Enos and not from ‘Adam/Earth, this implies a whole new generation re-populated the earth (as later, Noah)

Tradition has it that Enoch is the seventh after Adam, hence where to put him?  In Cain's genealogy: "Cain builT a city (Gen. 4:17) and called it by the name of his son, Enoch (#2585/2596 - root is 'to initiate/begin/narrow') re-populate the earth, "build a city"?

"Enoch walked/conversed with God..."  The mixing of 'Cain & Enoch' purposely both confuses and unites the two genealogies. In the midst of wickedness, Enoch was found to be just: "The sons of God, seeing the daughters of men, that they were fair, took to themselves wives of whomever they chose and all the earth became corrupted".   The whole of the Bible is the story of the war between these two genealogies, the seed of the woman and the seed of the Beast.  Yet they are one genealogy.
In Scripture, words are hidden…until God's time (Isaias 29:11): "I speak in parables so they will not understand".  

2.7 The world it seems, was destroyed more than once (as also Sodom & Gomorah!). The sins of this generation are worse than at the time of the flood! but God's faithfulness to his Covenant is with His children forever:  Yahwey does not will the destruction that man is definitely bringing upon himself.  NOW IS THE TIME of mercy (Revelation to St Faustina) to save 'all' who WILL to be saved from the IMMINENT SELF-total-annihilation, "Singing the Song of Moses and the Lamb" (A SECOND 'Exodus).

2.10 "Be converted to Me and you shall be saved, all the ends of the earth for I am God, there is no other.  I have sworn by Myself, the word of Justice shall go out of My Mouth and shall not return: For every knee shall be bowed to Me and every tongue shall swear.  In the Lord only, all shall say, is our only justice and power...all that resist Him shall be condemned.  In the Lord shall all the seed of Israel be justified and saved."  (Is 45:22-26)

NOTE: Atomic War in Scripture ("Day of Lord"): Luke 23:29-30 = Apoc.6:15-17= Isaias 2:19); Malachias 4:1 = Zacharias 13:8-9;14:12.

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Sister Jean Marie Kirby, OCD
P.O. Box 948
Buellton, CA 93427 USA

History: I am a Carmelite Nun for 68 years, having entered the Convent after High school. For at least 60 years I have made Scripture my prime study by means of prayer, reading and research. I was born with a delving mind, being the daughter of a Professor/Teacher/Attorney/Writer/Poet. The spirit within me ever seeks to investigate, relate and find the answers behind hidden agendas. So… I could not read the Bible without seeking/finding the cross-references giving answers to hidden meanings. Study together with prayer (begging God to open up difficult and hidden passages) began to unfold a wealth of knowledge. I further sought answers in Biblical Commentaries and various translations of the Bible to discover root words with their meanings. Finally I was given the "Interlinear Bible" with the Hebrew, Greek and English, together with "Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible". I soon began to realize that Genesis had been interpreted rather than translated and its descriptions held meanings far ahead of the knowledge of science. This is understandable because the Lord is not going to tell us the world is round if we believe it is square. Truth might indeed be present but the translator will have problems if he does not understand its meaning. Can you put the world into a golf hole? Truth written 5,000 years before scientists had any knowledge, could symbols be understood by one who read it then? God desires truth to come to light in its time: "Subdue the earth" is blessed by God only if we give Him the glory.