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"A Cross Will Be Built"
Concerning the Messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary to Carol Jean Nole
for the building of the "Cross of Peace" honoring her Son Jesus;
Messages continued through Barbara Matthias,
 medically tested almost more than any other present day mystic.


Cross with Lamb
The Cross has been built and Our Lady said that she is pleased.  The cross is a partial fulfilment of Our Lady's request but is the land, heaven's choice?  Always there has to be a meeting place but there exists major discrepancies in relating it to the chosen hill: "I will lead you through the Valley and give you a sign".  Nipomo is not the 'Valley' In fact, none of the signs given by Our Lady apply:"The land will be given without cost".   Are we in fact changing Our Lady's words to fit our interpretations? "Go to the north side of the town and you will find the hill" :  Our Lady never said city of Santa Maria.  Lomoc was a 'town' and only from the north side of LOMPOC can this hill be seen.



 Our Lady promised, "I will lead you through the Valley as where you are to go.  Look up to the heaven. 
I will give you a sign"
(6/3/1988).  Mary continues, "My children, My guidance will not lead you astray.  I have the complete plan as to how this will all come together...My children, every little change is part of my are participating in the challenge I am giving you!" (5/23 & 27/1988)



"Seek and you shall find.  Take the Canyon Road to find the area where the two paths intersect" (4/28/1988).  The pictured high hill lies between the Santa Ynez and Lompoc Valleys just off Hwy 246.  Taking Drum Canyon Road  from Los Alamos brings you to the intersection of Hwy 246 and Mail Road, the two entrances to this hill. 

 Entrance #1, Mail Road is thru a Security Gate ("The gates will be open").   Entrance #2 is thru Campbell's Ranch on Hwy 246, the owners of the hill.  "The gates will be open and no cost for the land" (5/4/1988) In describing the view from the hill, Mary said, "Look down upon my Valley (5/4/1988).
NOTE: This hill is directly behind the proposed


Our Lady also said, "A Cross will be built on the north side of town, on the hill directly in line with Scolari's Market" (4/9/1988).  The above shopping center formerly was Scolari's Market at the time of the Messages.  This picture is taken from the back of the shopping center.  The high hill in the distance is the high hill of the #1 photo.  It is visible from Buellton and also Solvang and even up past Los Alamos.  However, it can be seen only from the north side of the city of Lompoc.)





"Go to the Town, stand in the center, you will see the peak of where the cross will be, directly in front of the clock." (4/25/1988):  The above clock is at the school in the center of the town of Solvang.  In front of the clock, from where this picture is being taken, you can see the hill.  It is on the right side of the house's roof.  (This picture was taken several years ago, the hill presently is fairly hidden by trees.)



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