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DIVINE MERCY INC, a non-profit Corporation, is a growing nucleus of dedicated religious and lay people of any denomination (that sincerely seeks God) with spiritual roots deep in the Gospel and the wisdom of Carmelite spirituality.  Divine Mercy, Inc is an Umbrella Corporation uniting groups as one in model of the Blessed Trinity in Heaven, as also its counter-part the Holy Family on Earth.  Each of us can only give to others what we, ourselves possess.  THE WORLD WAS CHANGED BY TWELVE UNLIKELY LEADERS --  FISHERMEN.
The vision which the Lord has given us...and you, is ultimately a Center where peoples of all faiths, nationalities and color, can take time out and experience the peace, serenity and reality of God's Love. This is a place that will take broken  Spirits, minds and body and bring about a healing in spirit, mind and body.



When completed, it is envisioned as an organization with mutually shared powers of decision to help create this unity as in the Trinity.  A Contemplative Order of Priests or Nuns should be at the Center, yet one willing to reach out in hospitality to a broken people. Everything must evolve around PRAYER AND INTIMACY WITH CHRIST, OUR EUCHARISTIC GOD. 


In this Spirituality Center, priests, religious and laity are each distinct groups, yet working together as a unity in the Trinity (never in competition), each accountable to the others in both spiritual and material brother/sisterhood.  Our united endeavor must be to BRING THE WHOLE WORLD TO CHRIST!
To provide you an understanding of our history, obstacle’s and progress in the completion of the Spirituality Center follow the Menu pages below.


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