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This beautiful Santa Ynez River land...
(If You Feel So Led, We Could Use Your Help)

...which the Lord has given to us for you and all mankind, ultimately for a Center where peoples of all faiths, colors and nationalities, can take time out and experience the peace, serenity and reality of God's Love:  When we moved onto this land,  as we had nothing, we took up our abode in two old mobile houses that were on the property.

A benefactor, now deceased, helped us obtain a new double manufactured home so we could be legally on the property (the vineyards in the foreground of the picture, are on a neighboring farm).  We  use the old mobiles as farm dwellings for friends who have become part of God's work and help care for the land upon which we live..  Our small community consists of two couples and also two single women who have been part of us for many years now.


But now Santa Barbara County required that we move all mobiles up from the flood plain; also that all be provided with fire sprinklers and all this means building pads and septics, etc.  It has become too expensive to piecemeal the project.  Included, we need a small chapel and also a library/meeting room to welcome all who come.  We have no funds but we must do something, we have no choice.  So the Lord must help and we know He shall if this work is pleasing to Him.

We have been interested in the Deltec pre-paneled round, or rather 14 sides home which can take the heavy Lompoc winds. 


 Also, as the inside walls are not bearing walls, the rooms can be adjusted to fit our needs.   The house is made in the factory so it can be assembled in a couple of weeks reducing the building price. 
This blessed land, miraculously given us by the Lord: At Ground Breaking the Chumash Indians informed us that this River "gateway"  into the Santa Ynez Valley was called "Holy Ground". 


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God love and bless each and all!


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