If we legalize test-tube production of human life and its unlimited use - a heinous crime



­A Moral Question: 


1.    Obtaining human stem cells, freely given by/from a mature human being, is like any other body part such as eyes, kidneys, hearts, etc. and it is an act of generosity to help one's fellow man.


2.    Obtaining human stem cells from aborted babies (at any stage of development) is to take part in the murder of defenseless human beings.  The purpose of 'partial birth abortions' is to enable the use of body parts  - a heinious crime.

3.    Obtaining human stem cells from embryos created in the laboratory but not used in artificial insemination:  The argument is that they will be thrown away or discarded anyway and large amounts are needed, more that can come from Adult cells.


Man, using God's innate rules, has created human life artificially uniting the sperm of a man with the unfertilized egg of a woman.  Human life thus transmitted, in each embryo now exists a distinct human identity DNA (humanfootprint), complete in embryo state, which cannot grow without the protection and nourishment of the mother's womb.                                                                                    


Extra embryos are created in order to choose among the many.  Those not implanted in the womb are trashed or used for human experiments.  Is this morally right?  We are not talking of creating a dog or a mouse.  To legalize the creation of human life for body parts, where will it end?   Is this not the forbidden fruit, plucking to ourselves the tree of life?


"I will require the blood of your lives at the hand of every beast, and at the hand of man, at the hand of every man, and of his brother, will I require the life of man.  Whoever shall shed man's blood, his blood shall be shed: for man was made in the image of God" (Gen.9: 5-6).


When Does Life Begin?





The living male sperm and the living female egg unite to form a distinct DNA,

 a unique entity of the “homo sapiens” species.





                    A TINY HAND SAYS






ABORTION AND SCRIPTURE:  Abortion (in or out of the womb) is
related to Nuclear War in Scripture.



A PANDORA BOX:  Legalization of test-tube production of human life and its
 unlimited use.

“You who build tombs and your fathers killed them:
Truly you bear witness that you consent to the doings of your fathers: 
They killed them and you build their tombs”
(Luke 11:47-48)


 THE “HOLOCAUST”:  If the Germans froze murdered Jewish victims for scientific research, any Nation subsidizing this gross research would be forever stained
  with the Blood of the Holocaust. 





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