Carol Nole  and Barbara Matthias,  Santa Maria, California, USA 1988 and 1990 respectively (Our Lady of the Immaculate Heart and Queen of the Universe)


Status: Currently being investigated.


Episcopal Remarks:  (a) Carol Nole N/A. (b) Barbara Matthias: “I am satisfied with the sincerity of Barbara Matthias. I am satisfied that her state of ecstasy has been verified by medical science. Based on the medical and psychiatric evaluations, I am satisfied she is not faking or pretending the experience; that she is not psychotic; and that no organic eitiology accounts for her experience” (Msgr. Rohde, Vicar of Santa Barbara Pastoral Region, Preliminary findings of the Scientific Investigation of Barbara Matthias, February 10, 1992)


Corroboration by Other Seers:


Biographical Information: 


(a) Carol Nole: There are reports of a tradition of prophecy relating to the future of the Santa Maria Valley. Earlier prophecies declared that “Many will come from the north and the south to find refuge and solace here” Furthermore the people of this region were to be a beacon and light for all in help; that is a “light on a mountaintop” There was also a reported history of active prayer groups and small “Faith communites” meeting and praying together in their homes and churches along this entire Central coast from Monterey to Santa Barbara. Reportedly some of the prayer group participants began receiving locutions and prophetic messages from Jesus and from Our Lady, as early as 1985. One such prayer group receiving messages was the Montford Prayer Group of which Charlie and Carol Nole (the first seer) became members. It was in this atmosphere that Carol was to receive her first interior locution from Our Lady on March 24, 1988. Carol Nole was in her forties when she received her first message from Our Lady. She is described as an attractive and caring person who gives priority to helping the sick and the afflicted. She has three children from a prior marriage and is now married to Charlie Nole who has five children also from a previous marriage. Both of their prior marriages have been annulled by the Church. Interestingly enough on June 7, 1988 the Santa Maria City Council formally declared Santa Maria to be “The City of Peace” by Resolution duly and officially adopted. Carol received a total of 28 reported messages from March 24, 1988 through September 2, 1988. It is reported that the messages have stopped as of this later date. A model of a cross was built and set up for public display and comment.  Meanwhile the owners of the land on which the Cross is to be erected were contacted in order to negotiate for the purchase of the land. This was met with a cool response, later to become ice cold, from the landowner Newhall Land and Farming Company. The Land has never been acquired. Meanwhile the prayer groups, the Cross Committee, as well as other interested groups, began to experience division and conflict within their own ranks.  During the next 1 ½ years, people gathered along the Highway #166 across from the selected hill to pray and plan for the acquisition of the land and for the erection of the Cross. Local clergy continued to suppress all activities while the landowners placed “No trespassing” signs on the land and prohibited all entry onto the land. Yet people kept coming to the roadside to pray, to be healed and to be converted. 1


(b) Barbara Matthias: One such pilgrim who had come to pray along the side of the road, near the “Hill of the Cross” site was Barbara Matthias. Described as “the most scientifically tested visionary in Church history” Barbara was born on January 20, 1947 in Brazil and was baptized when she was six years old. She is described as a humble and pious person. Of slight stature, the result of Turner’s Syndrome. It is reported that she made two unsuccessful attempts at religious life and that she had two unfortunate marriages. On March 24, 1990, Barbara made a pilgrimage to Santa Maria . It was at the side of the road near the site of the hill., that the seer received  her first apparition of Our Lady. This date was the Feast of the Annunciation as well as the second anniversary of the “cross messages” given to the seer Carol Nole. Our Lady appeared to Barbara again on March 28, 1990 and has continued to appear and give daily messages to Barbara, which are ongoing to this day. The first person Barbara told of her apparitions was Charlie Nole. It should be noted that he is the husband of the seer Carol Nole as well as the co-ordinator of the Cross Project. Charlie promptly took Barbara into his own home for discernment and for Barbara’s own protection. It wasn’t long before serious conflicts arose. It is reported that Barbara was moved to Southern California against her own free will; however threee days later she returned to Santa Maria and continued to receive  daily apparitions. During the apparitions Barbara is [reportedly] in a state of ecstasy.  These periods of ecstasy lengthened from minutes to three hours and later progressed to nearly six hours. Presently the time this seer remains in ecstasy has decreased to one or two hours.  It is reported that Barbara had mystical experiences earlier in her life. The first occurred when she was six years old when a voice told her that her father would die the next day. This did occur as predicted.  In 1974 she heard a voice while at Mission San Luis Rey. The voice directed her to hold the hands of Our Lady’s statue. When she did the hands became like flesh and Our Lady spoke to the seer. She was directed by Our Lady to a certain place in the Mission Rose Garden where Barbara saw the two dimensional face of Jesus surrounded by a bright light. Jesus asked Barbara to tell people that He waits for their love and that He would see her in two years. In 1976 two years later, Barbara saw Jesus inside St. Francis Church in Vista, California. He was walking in front of the altar. He again spoke to Barbara.  Signs and wonders are reported during the apparitions such as the “Miracle of the Sun” witnessed by many. Rosary links turn to gold colour, extraordinary photos are taken. Instant cures and conversions are reported. In addition many good fruits are evidenced by an explosion of prayer groups and a more active faith demonstrated by the parishioners. Other conflicts and confusion developed. An issue arose regarding pledges and money being pledged for the Cross Project without the clergy’s approval. Also there was some conflicts which arose through an alleged lack of obedience on the part of Barbara. This was later rectified.  At one point Barbara was publicly scandalized and persecuted. She suffered much not only from her physical condition, but also from lack of employment and decent housing for herself. This has apparently been partially elleviated in that the seer now has suitable housing and support. Carole Nole’s messages are primarily concerned with the Cross Project. On the ther hand, Barbara Matthias’s primary messages are pleas for prayer, especially the rosary, for fasting and reparation for the sins of mankind and for conversion of heart.2



1. Peter Heintz A Guide to Apparitions of Our Blessed Virgin Mary (Gabriel Press, Sacramento, California 1995) p. 589-591

2.  ibid



The Messages



(a) Carol Nole


Our Lady, April 9, 1988: She received a request for the Cross to be built “on the north side of town on the hill directly in line with the back of Scolari’s market. It will be 75 feet in height and will have golden stained glass where the nail holes were. It must radiate love and peace over your valley.” On April 28th she was given directions to find the exact location of the hill where the cross was to be built.


(b) Barbara Matthias


Our Lady, March 24, 1990: “Pray the rosary often, very often, I your Mother, hold the world and all my children’s needs in My Immaculate Heart. Love My Son unconditionally…I love you so very much. Have patience, the cross will be erected here in My Son’s time”  Our Lady appears bearfooted on a cloud in a brilliant white light. Usually Our Lady is dressed in all white with gold trim on Her mantle and a gold belt around Her waist. Her hair is chestnut brown. She has rosy cheeks and a delicate mouth. Her eyes are a beautiful penetrating gray-blue and Her voice is the most gentle loving voice this seer has ever heard. On special occasions or Feast days (such as the Queenship of Mary, August 22nd) Our Lady appears crowned with 12 golden stars and wearing a jewelled gown. She appears to be about 20 years of age. 


Our Lady, March 28, 1990: “You must pray, fast and make reparation for sin…Believe that this project will be a source of holiness for all who desire to love Me with their heart and allow My graces to transform their lives…”


Our Lady, March 31, 1990: “Keep praying, fasting and turning your hearts to my Son and Me…You must keep your hearts open like little children who love and depend on their Mother”


Our Lady, April 1, 1990: “Pray the rosary. Each bead of the rosary, said with a sincere and loving heart, is a flower of love for me….The Cross will be a symbol of faith, love and peace”


Our Lady, April 2, 1990: “Do not give lip service to your prayers. Mean what you are saying in each word of each prayer you pray…”


Our Lady, April 4, 1990: “This ladder (to heaven) is composed of prayer, penance, sacrifices, fasting and love…You are modern day apostles who must live the Gospel life by following the example of My Son on earth”


Our Lady, April 7, 1990:  “I desire that you fast, especially on Wednesdays and Fridays…” The infant Jesus appeared with Our Lady


Our Lady, April 6, 1990: “My Children I want the Hill of Peace to be consecrated to My Immaculate Heart.” Our Lady held up Her beautiful rosary and said “My children, this is to be your major weapon against Satan and the evils of the world”


Our Lady, April 12, 1990: “Each of you must spend a great deal of time in prayer” The infant Jesus appeared with Our Lady


Our Lady, April 16, 1990: “Now is the time of Mercy; tell people who are away from Jesus and Me to turn their hearts back to us immediately . We want all to be saved; woe to souls who have abandoned Us deliberately and remain in this state. Warn them. Concern yourselves with living each moment as if were the last momenebt you have here to do Our Will….When you realize the seriousness of the end times and realize the fate of those against Us is eternal…In the end times there will be family dissensions. Members of families will hate each other, quarrel and plan evil for each other. This will be the work of Satan. You My children must not let dissensions arise in your families. You just avoid the work of Satan who wishes to enter your hearts and homes. I will protect you. Ask for My graces to overshadow you and your request will be granted. I have accounted the seriousness of the end times, so that it will be a time of victory for you, if you are faithful”


Our Lady, April 17, 1990: “Our Lady said “Through your prayers, sacrifices and fasting the project of the Cross will be completed”


Our Lady, April 19, 1990: “Pray much for world peace. Peace must be in your hearts before it can be extended to people of other nations” The infant Jesus appeared with Our Lady


Our Lady, April 20, 1990: “Wear the St. Benedict Medal. This medal has the power of exorcism attached to it”


Our Lady, April 23, 1990: “I have been preparing you in so many ways for when the Cross will be erected. The Cross is a symbol of courage and life for all the world”


Our Lady, April 25, 1990: “The world is in turmoil now because in many places Jesus and I have been forgotten. Pray, because these souls must awaken quickly before it is too late. They must turn their hearts back to Jesus and Me. Time is shorter than they realize” St. Michael appeared with Our Lady.


Our Lady, April 26, 1990: “I would like you to say fifteen decades of the rosary daily so My plans for peace will go smoothly”


Our Lady, April 27, 1990: “I don’t want anyone to be deprived of the graces received from the prayer of the rosary. For those who teach others how to pray the rosary, I have promised to come for them at the hour of their death and that there will be many conversions in their families”


Our Lady, April 30, 1990: “My children I desire you to make St. Joseph your patron of Our Cross Project just as Your Mother of the Immaculate Heart is Your patroness…the faith of the people of Santa Maria will always be strong” St. Joseph appeared with Our Lady…I would like a chapel to be built on the Hill of peace. I want all to come and worship My Son and to venerate Me your Mother”


Our Lady, May 1, 1990: “My children, when the cross is erected on the hill and Our Holy project is completed, I desire that once a year on the Feast of St. Francis that you bring your animals to the hill to be blessed…”


Our Lady, May 8, 1990: “There are things to keep the devil away: the Holy name of Jesus, the rosary and the Brown scapular of Mount Carmel…Wear the brown scapular. I promise that whoever wears the Brown scapular will receive Eternal Life in Heaven” Our Lady also gave secrets to Barbara


Our Lady, May 10, 1990: “My children, your life is what you make of it. You were given free will because My Son desires you to love and follow Him freely in love. Since you have control over your free will you can make your life a “little Heaven upon Earth” by following Jesus and Me or a “little Hell upon Earth” by choosing evil. What will you choose for your life?


Our Lady, undated: “My Heart is filled with pure love for the people of Santa Maria and for the great project you have undertaken for Me…The Cross will be a symbol of faith, love and peace…when I look down on Santa Maria and your valley, I see a city of peace and hope” Our Lady also requested that a chapel be erected on the “Hill of Peace” as well as Stations of the Cross. Our Lady also requested daily and frequent adoration of the Blessed Sacrament


1. Messages taken from Peter Heintz A Guide to Apparitions of Our Blessed Virgin Mary (Gabriel Press, Sacramento, California 1995) p. 588-599)