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Restart Building and Complete the Monastery
The vision which the Lord has given us...and to you, ultimately for a Center where peoples of all faiths, nationalities and color, can take time out and experience the peace, serenity and reality of God's Love. This is a place that will take broken  Spirits, minds and body and bring about a healing in spirit, mind and body.
We are living in hard time which mirror the days told of by the Prophets.  If ever there was a time and need for the mission, of Divine Mercy Inc, it is today.  If you would like to take part in the completion of this Monastery and or the mission, contact Sister Jean Marie and let her know.
The Carmelite  Nuns are preparing the way for the completion of this great work.  The unfinished monastery still stands despite being surrounded by a great fire which came right up the rear of the building before changing direction. 
We no longer own the land but when the time is right we know all is possible with the Lord Jesus Christ and his faithful people.  The current owner has not taken any action to remove the incomplete building.  They have planted grapes around the building.  Help us complete this mission.



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