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The Current Status of Divine Mercy Inc

When the Nuns lost the Monastery the Lord claimed 100 acres of the adjoining parcel west of the Monastery for Himself.  This Santa Ynez River frontage property, by God's favor, is now the home for Divine Mercy Inc.  This we feel this is a work desired by God.

The land has been acquired from Sister Jean Marie, OCD's brother, Dr Joseph Kirby.  Friends of the body made possible the erection of a new manufactured home for the Nuns to live and work.  The home is on a hill directly overlooking the unfinished Monastery.


The new Manufactured Home above is the gift of several benefactors.  We wish to thank all who have been so generous, including especially Alex Madonna (RIP) and John Bowler (RIP). These pictures show our present  progress.     
The land was barren land but we are endeavoring to plant olive, fruit and shade trees.  Members of the Vandenberg AFB have helped us tremendously to turn the desert into an oasis. Many have been given trees and monetary help in memory of loved ones: 
May God write these names eternally in His heart...and ours 

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