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Building of Monastery Stopped
Though the construction was filled with structural errors, we lost the Arbitration with the Contractor.  Unknown to all the Nuns, he used the known defective plans against orders rather than wait for the revisions of the new Engineer hired by the Nuns.  Thus he built the whole structure on change orders, which annulled the contracts with the subs;  prices soared.
Again the Contractor did not wait for the Engineer, but continued to use the known defective and forbidden plans.  He had the new Engineer follow him with structural band-aids...saying 'the Nuns did not want to stop'.   The Contractor won the arbitration, blaming us for giving him the defective plans.  That the Contractor built the whole building on retrofit, this is something we never gave permission for.  Permission was only given to retrofit what the Inspector had originally found defective.  We never give permission for future retrofit of the whole of the unfinished building.  The Contractor continued retrofit even after the Nuns ran out of money for he had been told the whole building could collapse.  It is that he sued us for.  All our other bills were paid save for some detentions.  However, we paid even this to all who asked.
Most of the Nuns transferred to other Carmelite Communities but a few petitioned Rome in their desire to ultimately found a house of Divine Mercy when God should clear the way.  The Corporationís name was changed to DIVINE MERCY INC., and its present membership consists of Religious and Christian lay persons dedicated to serving the Lord with all their heart and of kindling this fire of love in the hearts of all mankind. 


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