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Construction of Monastery

The firm of Diani's Building Corp. was awarded the contract to build the Monastery of Carmel of St. Joseph.  Before Construction began, the Nuns had insisted the contractor's plans be thoroughly gone over and approved by a Structural Engineer.

The contractors Architect submitted his plans to the building department of Santa Barbara Country and got the go ahead to start construction.

When the building was 2/3 complete the project failed a critical inspection that showed many structural errors.  The building department warned the contractor not to go forward "with anything that requires the services of an architect or engineer" until given the name of a responsible architect or engineer.  The contractor fired the Architect but give his name to the building department as the responsible architect and hence proceeded to work on the building without either an architect or engineer. 
The contractor proceeded with the construction with defective plans in violation of the Owner's orders. The whole building was built by "change orders" and every part requires major retrofit which is the reason the cost to finish became more than we had.  The building project came to a halt.  See the interruption page for more details.