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Prayer Questions Comments: Dear Heavenly Father, Merciful Jesus, Holy

                     Spirit, our Blessed Mother and St Francis:

                     Please have mercy on all the wild pigeons.

                     Please hear our cries for divine help.

                     Please stop the city hall licensing

                     committee to pass the bylaws to ban feeding

                     pigeons everywhere. Please do not let cruel

                     people starve the pigeons and other animals

                     to death.. Lord, stop this act of cruelty of

                     species elimination and spared the pigeons

                     from a slow, painful death. Please stop

                     punishing kind people who help animals.

                     Please save the pigeons as they are God s

                     creatures and deserve our caring and love.

                     They had served mankind throughout the

                     history especially saved lots of lives in

                     the world wars. We ask Blessed Mother to

                     intercede to stop the bylaws from passing..

                     Through Jesus I ask, Heavenly Father for

                     this grace. Amen. Joyce