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While living in a convent, in the mist of the busy city of Long Beach California, the Carmelite Nuns were inspired by the prophetic word (given by saints and confirmed) to make a plan for helping the broken of sprit, mind and body get help in a tranquil environment in the Carmelite tradition.  To meet their objectives they felt a site with rolling hills with a stream or river running between the hills would be ideal.  With this in mind they set out to find a place to build a monastery to implement the mission inspired by God.    The vision which the Lord has given us...and to you, ultimately for a Center where peoples of all faiths, nationalities and color, can take time out and experience the peace, serenity and reality of God's Love. This is a place that will take broken  Spirits, minds and body and bring about a healing in spirit, mind and body.


After conducting an extensive search they were lead to the site shown above to build Carmel of St. Joseph.  The top parcel, shown in the site map, was selected to build the Monastery.
After the land was bought the site was Dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ.


First Mass On Our Land was held before the building was started.

A home for the Carmelite Nuns was established in the nearby city of Solvang California.  This is where they would live while selecting a builder and start the building process.


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