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Few of the Glories of the Carmelite Order 



The Carmelite Nuns of Divine Mercy Inc follow in the steps of Faith and Love of Carmelite Saints like Saint John of the Cross, Saint Teresa of Avila, Saint Therese of Lisieux,  and Saint Teresa of Andes

The Nuns are also inspirited by the writings of Saint Mary Faustina, an apostle of the Divine Mercy, who belongs today to one of the groups of the most popular and well-known saints of the Church. 

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Mount Carmel is the birthplace of the Carmelite Order. It is the home of Elias, prophet of the Old Testament, and the home of the early Latin hermits who followed the life of Elias.

What defines a Carmelite life?

Purity of heart

Unswerving allegiance to Jesus Christ

Nourished by the Word of God and the Eucharist

In silence and recollection

With zeal for the Lord God of Hosts in whose Presence we stand

Marian Devotion




Our community life is a sharing of common goals in prayer, ministry and service. It is a visible pledge of our relationship with Christ, with each other and with the whole Church, the People of God. Community living is an expression of faith manifested in the pursuit of a call heard in the silence of a heart, a manifestation of hope in the promise of life and happiness in God, and the struggle of living the life of charity commissioned to us by Jesus amidst human imperfections and limitations. It is a visible sign of how God's grace can triumph over human frailties and accomplish the works of God - works of love, joy, charity- among the Sisters and God's people.


 1).  To live the life of Carmel in its FULLNESS, which is Intimacy with our God who loves us;

 2).  To bring the whole world into Carmel.

 This is what Christ asked of Sister Faustina, “I desire that there be such a Community…My Spirit shall be the rule of your life.  Your life is to be modeled on Mine, from the crib to My death on the Cross. Penetrate My mysteries and you will know the abyss of My mercy towards creatures and My unfathomable goodness.

 And this you shall make known to the whole world.  Through your prayers, you shall mediate between heaven and earth” (348).

 I spoke to John Haffert (founder of “Blue Army”) before he died and he showed me in his book that the prophecy is, “The Flame of Love that will ignite the whole world will begin in Carmel”:

 Grant, O Most Holy Lord, that we may unite under Our Lady of Mt. Carmel to ignite this “LIVING FLAME OF LOVE”


SPIRITUALITY: “The Mercies of the Lord, I will sing forever”

A Carmelite Lay Community--“Daughters and Brothers of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel”--living in Community in openness to God’s Spirit, one with Our Lady in her Fiat to her Divine Son.


MISSION:  TO SPREAD “GOD’S MERCY” that all may find and enter the Haven of Christ’s Heart.

Soon the whole world, beginning with America, will be knocking at the Church doors, pleading “I want to know God!”  One can only give what one possesses him/herself.  Now is the time of Mercy: No matter what the offense, the door of forgiveness and conversion of heart is open today.  But, “As in the days of Noe”, this door will shut suddenly and many will find themselves outside.  GOD IS PLEADING NOW:  “I WILL NOT THE DEATH OF THE SINNER BUT THAT HE BE CONVERTED AND LIVE!”



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